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Single Messages by Dr. Lake

Single messages that Dr. Lake has ministered over the years.

A Call to a Life of Fasting

Are You in Sync with Heaven?

Becoming a Hammer in the Hand of God

Beyond the Life of Fasting

Breaking the Curse of Jeroboam

Building Your Life

The Cost of Forgiveness

Cultivating Your Harvest

Day of Atonement 2008 (ARC)

Dwelling in the Shadow of the Most High Part 1

Dwelling in the Shadow of the Most High Part 2

Eagle Christians

Faith to Stretch By

Feast of Dedication 2007

Overcoming Hindering and Buffeting Spirits

Learn to Burn

Threefold Cord of the Believer

Moving Forward in 2008

No More Compromise

On the Edge of the Next Level

Preparing Samuel Ministries

The Piercing of the Word

The Potter’s Field

Redream to Redeem

The Reformation Continues

Seasonal Life of the Believer

Seeing Jesus and Us in Tabernacles

Seeking the LORD

Simplicity of Walking with God

Getting Back in Step with Heaven

Kingdom Strategies

Tabernacles 2008

The Four Passovers

The Shift to Come

Threefold Sanctification

Time to be a Hebrew

Understanding the End Times 1

Understanding the End Times 2

Understanding the End Times 3

Unity, Strife, and Anointings

Words and Their Four Dimensions

2010: The Year of the Turnaround

Are You Hungry?

Day of Atonement 2009

Prepare the Way of the LORD

Prophetic Insights from Malachi Part 1

Prophetic Insights from Malachi Part 2

Prophetic Insights from Malachi Part 3

Prophetic Insights from Malachi Part 4

Feast of Tabernacles 2009

Feast of Trumpets 2009

The Sifting of 2011

Psalms 121

The Prophetic Significance of the Feast of Dedication

Power for Overcoming the Conflict

Day of Atonement 2010

Becoming Covenant Aware

Nine Judgments Coming to America by Mary Lou Lake

Balancing Grace and Judgment

Faith and Teshuvah

A Famine of Hearing the Word

Purim 2011

Revelation – The Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Church

Trumpets 2011 – The King is in the Field