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Eating God's Way Book Cover

Eating God's Way

God's Instruction for Spiritual and Physical Health

by Michael K. Lake, Th.D.

Did you know that God is concerned about what you eat?  Have you examined what the Word of God says about the existence of clean and unclean animals before Moses?  Did you know that what you eat can affect your soul?  Did you know that Gentile believers ate according to Leviticus 11 in New Testament times? 

Over the years, our traditions and carnal appetites have skewed our interpretation of what the Old and New Testaments teach about food.  We have also taken many Scriptures out of context as prooftexts to justify our eating habits.  Isn’t it time to return to a lifestyle that is completely biblical?

Eating God’s Way provides an honest and balanced hermeneutical examination of every major Scripture that deals with what God wants us to eat, what He wants us to avoid, and why.  Let Eating God’s Way become your handbook for learning (and explaining) God’s instruction for spiritual and physical health! 

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What Witches Don't Want Christians to Know Book Cover

What Witches Don't Want Christians to Know

A True Story of the Occult and Mind Control

by Mary Lou Lake

The Shocking Truth!

The pages of this book recount some shocking events in a small town in Missouri.  Mary Lake had struggled with depression for years and couldn’t find the joy that the scriptures indicate is available to all Christians.  In her quest to find answers, she was not only healed and delivered, but this process uncovered a startling revelation of dark practices in the small town where she was raised.  God shined the light on some of Satan’s greatest secrets.  In this book, she shares how God protected her family from assassination attempts and face-to-face encounters with Satan’s followers, who were desperately trying to keep their secrets hidden.  She also shares the truths that her family learned during this process that were essential for their safety, as she endeavored to break down the prison doors for the people that she loved.  These biblical truths will help any Christian family stay under the protective cover of Almighty God.

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The Prophetic, the New Heart, and Fulfilling Your Destiny SeriesThe Prophetic DVD Series

Did you know that the first three kings of Israel walked in things that were beyond their dispensation and reflect the work of God in the lives on New Testament believers?  Did you know that the prophetic anointing can release new giftings into your life or that you have a responsibility to guard and grow them?

In this new series, you will learn from the lives of Saul, David, and Solomon.  You will learn from both their successes and failures.  You will also learn the ancient Hebrew secret that made King David stand out and allowed him to build a throne that one day Messiah would sit upon! 

You will also learn how to avoid the pitfalls the enemy uses to move you away from your destiny as well as how to flow with God to move into it!

4 One Hour Sessions on four DVDs.  $32.00 plus shipping.

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Feasts of the LORD DVD SetFeasts of the LORD & Their Spiritual Significance in the Life of the Believer DVD & Study Guide Set

Have you ever looked at the Feasts of the LORD in Lev. 23 and wonder if they had any significance today in the life of the believer?  They were central to the worship of God until the third century A.D.  We have lost powerful truths of how the Feasts represent the work of Jesus (past, present and future) and how they apply prophetically to our lives today.  The Feasts are about bring the believer back into the rhythm of the Kingdom of God.  This powerful series will open your eyes to how the Kingdom functions, how Babylon has crept into the Church, and how the Feasts reveal more about the work of Jesus than anyone could have imagined.  This nine part series will build a solid foundation in your life about the Feasts and why they are important to every believer!

Series Includes:

Nine 1 hour video sessions on five DVDs in a custom case.
Complete Study Guide (126 pages)

$94.00  (Priority Mail Shipping Included)

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Holy Fire - Strange Fire DVD SetHoly Fire - Strange Fire DVD & Study Guide Set

Is the Church repeating the mistakes of the past?  Are we guilt of the same sin as Nadab and Adihu in Leviticus 10?  Are we offering strange fire in the service of God and calling it a revival?

This powerful series addresses these hard questions and will teach you have to distinguish between the Fire of God and the strange Fire of Hell.  It will also teach you to cultivate and flow in the Fire of God in your own life and ministry.

The DVD sessions were recorded live at Love Gospel Assembly in Bronx, NY.  We have also included a bonus MP3 CD with Dr. Lake teaching these truths to his own congregation.  The Holy Spirit always moves according  to the needs of each congregation, so different aspects were brought out in each setting.  We wanted you to benefit from both training sessions, so we have included the MP3 edition free.

Series Includes:

 Six 1 hour video sessiosn on six DVDs, plus free MP3 CD in a custom case.
 Complete Study Guide (54 Pages)

$65.00  (Priority Mail Shipping Included)

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Growing in Grace DVD SetGrowing in Grace: Understanding the Four Covenants DVD & Study Guide Set

Most believers understand the covenants that are in the Bible, but most do not know that there is more than one type of covenant.  By studying the four types of covenants in the Word of God, you will receive a roadmap on how to grow in the grace of God and to vecome the person that God has called you to be.  God is calling you to transition from being a servant of God to becoming the Bride of Messiah.

Series Includes:

Five 1 hour sessiosn on 3 DVDs, plus a free MP3 CD in a custom case.
Complete Study Guide (40 Pages)

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