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We are experiencing a move of God unlike anything we have seen in Church history. In past moves, those that were a part of it could point back to a man or small group of men. With the reformation, we can look back and see the beginnings with men such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox and others. With the great revivals that swept Europe and the United States, we can look to men like Charles Finney, John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards. Even with the charismatic movement, we can trace it back to men such as Charles Parham, William Seymour and Dennis Bennett. This present move of God is different. Over the past decade or so there has been a moving of God’s Spirit to bring us back to our Hebraic Heritage in Messiah. It seems as if there is a universal hunger among those whose hearts’ desire is to seek the face of our Heavenly Father and honor Jesus no matter the cost. There is a call from Heaven to cast off the influences of paganism that have a strangle-hold on the Church of the Living God and return to a true biblical faith.

This move has not been without its pitfalls. Some have gone so deep into modern Rabbinical Judaism steeped in Talmudic traditions that they have denied Christ. Some more superficial believers have exchanged the pseudo-spiritual emblems of Christianity for similar emblems in Judaism. The end result is that they have (1) fallen in love with Judaica and forgotten about Jesus or (2) think that the emblems such as the Tallit (Prayer Shawl) somehow make them more spiritual. In reality these things can never replace true spiritual maturity in Messiah. They are only biblical symbols of what we have in Him.

We must realize that God is a God of balance. God wants us to keep all the present day truths He has been adding back to the Body of Messiah since the reformation. Some of these present day truths are:

The list could go on. As we discard many centuries of anti-Torah teachings, we need to keep these truths firmly established. An Hebraic understanding of the Torah and our Hebraic heritage do not replace these truths nor diminish them. Hebraic truth adds greater strength and depth to them. Finally we see the unity of the Word of God and we see how the traditions of men destroy what God wants among His people (Mark 7:13). We now understand that Jesus did not come to destroy (or do away with) the Law (the Torah), but rather He came to make it easily understood so we all could live it through His life and power within us (Matthew 5:17).

At Biblical Life, we strive to keep a balance of all the present day truths God has established so sovereignly within the Body and to weave in a balanced understanding of the Torah through the matrix of Messiah that all believers can live. Our goal is not to become culturally Jewish – it is to become biblically accurate in our lives and ministries: only then is Jesus glorified and the Bride is without spot nor wrinkle and ready for His triumphal return. This is our vision, our purpose and our passion.

Our Mission

1. To see the Gospel of the Kingdom preached in all the earth.

2. To see all believers follow the Lord in water baptism and to become true biblical disciples.

3. To see all believers free of any bondages and barriers (spiritual, psychological or physical) that would hinder them from fulfilling God’s plan for their lives.

4. To see all those called to the fivefold ministry trained and empowered for ministry within the paradigm of team ministry.

5. To see the fivefold ministry working together to train, disciple and empower all members of the Body to mature and to enter into the ministry that God has for them.

6. To see the Body of Messiah return to a balanced approach to our Hebraic Heritage and to become that Bride without spot or wrinkle.

7. To see the biblical model of family honored, strengthened and to achieve God’s full purpose for it in the earth.

8. To see communities and nations transformed by the power of God and through God’s people living in true biblical holiness.

Statement of Faith