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Welcome to the Biblical Life Assembly Digital Library.  In our digital library, you will find three section:

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All of these resources are posted free to the Body of Christ.  They are made available by the free will offerings of our friends worldwide.  If you are blessed by these messages, we encourage you to give to help the continuation of this internet ministry.  Make all love gifts, please visit our Love Gift Page.



All of the documents in this section (and throughout our website) are posted in PDF format.  You will need the Adobe Reader to view these documents on your computer.  The most efficient way to use the PDF files is to right-mouse click on the link.  At the "save as" option, save the document to your computer.  Then you can use the Adobe Reader to view the document anytime, off-line, at your convenience.

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Our desire is to strengthen your walk with God, challenge current concepts that are rooted in tradition rather than the Word of God and to promote living biblically in every area of life.


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